Every notebook Paon is unique and handmade in France.
They are made from hundreds of pieces of paper gathered while travelling and roaming around the world. They are a true composition of textures, prints and colours you will be able to give free rein to your creativity... and never know the fear of an empty page!

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Notebook - Le paon

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Handmade - Made in France
Limited & numbered edition, 200 notebooks.
Single original
A6 (145x100mm)
A traduire
Cotton cover, hand-painted. Handsewn binding.
88 Pages. 100% Rescued papers
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A unique notebook

Everywhere, beautiful piece of paper are accumulated, forgotten, damaged. Marbled, lined, silkscreen printed, old catalogues, schoolbooks, illustrated documents, found in ruins, goldmines, in France, Morocco or India; in wastelands or old printinghouses stocks.The "Manufacture du Paon" takes care of using this raw and trivial material and giving them a second life.
Only 200 notebooks are made as we choose to produce little but well. Every notebook is unique, handmade in France.The 88 pages are bound inside a coated and painted cotton cover. Little gems - some of them have spanned the 20th century- that are sorted , arranged and assembled together. It is a true composition of textures, prints and colours, a notebook that carries a memory, a history that is still to be continued.