Each notebook is unique, made from rescued papers and hand-assembled in France

They are made from hundreds of pieces of paper gleaned while travelling around the world. They are a true composition of textures, reused prints and colours you will be able to give free rein to your creativity... and never know the fear of an empty page!

6 Available colors

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11 availables notebooks
12.90 €
- Single original
Limited edition
- Hand-painted cover

- Format A6 - 140x100 mm
- Made in France
- 88 Pages 100% Reused papers
- Singer Binding
Notebook 32
Notebook 33
Notebook 39
Notebook 104
Notebook 105
Notebook 109
Notebook 116
Notebook 125
Notebook 127
Notebook 139
Notebook 147
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We offer a selection by color/serial number. Each notebook is unique, the sheets are hand-assembled according to arrivals and seasons.
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Everywhere, beautiful piece of paper are accumulated, forgotten, damaged. Marbled, lined, fluo silkscreen printed, old catalogues, schoolbooks, illustrated documents, found in ruins, goldmines, in France, Morocco or India; in wastelands or old printinghouses stocks. Carnet Paon takes care of collect and rescue this raw and discarded material and giving them a second life.
Only 200 notebooks are made as we choose to produce little but well. Every notebook is unique, handmade in France.
Little gems - some of them have spanned the 20th century- that are sorted , arranged and assembled together. It is a true composition of textures, prints and colours, a notebook that carries a memory, a history that is still to be continued.