Simple, beautifull and authentic

In a world where immediacy prevails, the "Manufacture du Paon" chooses a different relationship to time. There is no mass production in our factory and everything is handcrafted and produced in limited edition. They are manufactured by people who enjoy working together. It is a small business with a human scale, in which we work with recovered pieces of paper!
Where some can see waste, we find a first-class material: they are marks of a bygone era, crafted with techniques that have now become rare or have disappeared. We give a second life to those scraps, with the simple ambition to create something together and fashion an object that carries a memory, a history that is still to be continued...

Art and material

Flea market seller in Montreuil, bookshop in Bejia, printing house in Dehli: through travels and encounters, the life of a notebook Paon begins.
The pieces of paper arrive in the factory in good hands, where two persons fashion the covers and assemble together the leaves, by hand. Then, they are sent to Questembert, in Britany, where Lucie, a seamstress specialised in sail and rigging, sews carefully the pages together. Once they return to the factory, the notebooks are finally assembled and numbered, and become ready to start their new existence.